Episode 57: Inside Fire Smaug

Nothing like a new year. A fresh slate, a clean start, a new beginning. You’re gonna join a gym, you’re gonna clean the garage, you’re gonna learn how to cook a flan! You’re gonna learn what a flan is! Okay, you’re going to learn how to pronounce “flan” without sounding like a Midwestern yokel. Okay, you know what? Fuck you Frenchie, and your goddamn omelet cake.

Anyway, sorry for the long hiatus. We were too busy jingling bells, decking halls, egging nogs, and whatnot. But we’re back, and that’s all that matters. That, and the fact that we had considerable technical difficulties, resulting in the show sounding like it’s recorded inside of a tin can that is also, somehow, inside of another, larger tin can. Sorry the free entertainment isn’t up to the high standards of other free entertainment, such as street musicians, and watching bums fight over the best begging spot outside the Starbucks.

In this show!

  • We do the American Hustle while ogling Amy Adams, we wax poetic about the wonders of double-stick tape, we coronate the new Queen of All Acting.
  • We take a trip with the Coen Bros. deep Inside Llewyn Davis.
  • We Catch Fire while…um…
  • We…complain about…the…Smaug. To a dwarf.
  • Captain Phillips.

Also, we talk about soundtracks for a bit, and, at Nate’s behest, we wrap up with audio stolen from Funny or Die of Michael Shannon reading a sorority chick’s letter to her sisters. It’s worth a listen.

So jump on that treadmill at the gym you just joined and get ready to spend the next 75 minutes running yourself into a coma with our voices as the soundtrack of your own personal denouement. SHOULD AULD ACQUAINTANCES BE FORGOT MY ASS.

The Inside Llewyn Davis Soundtrack is used under the tenets of Fair Use

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