Episode 52: Faster & Furiouser

It’s all Fast and all Furious all the Time here at Podcast HQ, and we’re going to bring you 24/7 coverage of all things Fast and all things Furious. First up: cheetahs. Fast, right? Right! Next up: my wife when I come stumbling in at 3am after last call, stinking of cheap brown liquor, with my tie around my head like Rambo’s bandanna, one shoe missing, and half a key of coke in my back pocket. GET OFF MY BACK BABY, I JUST NEED TO UNWIND, OKAY?

Wait, what were we talking about?

That’s not all we talk about! In fact, that’s not what we talk about at all.

We lead off with a discussion of Star Trek: Anal Probe, which we both saw. I’m probably not spoiling anything by saying KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! Wait, nevermind, I think I am. Don’t read that part.

We ALSO talk about The Fairly Mediocre Gatsby, thought Nate never checked that one out because his Waste Of Time Sense was a-tinglin’. Best superpower ever.

That superpower apparently didn’t tingle, and for good reason, when he went to see 42, which is, of course, the version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy that deals more with race relations.

We wrap up the show with a Redbox Roundup™ of Cloud Atlas. It’s like a regular review, except I play the part of Nate, my cat plays the part of me, my wife plays the telemarketer that interrupts us halfway through, Nate’s girlfriend does the sound of rain on the window, and Nate cross-dresses as Nurse Ratched (unrelated to the review).


So, turns out my recording software hates the dulcet tones of my voice, and decided to replace my side of the review of Fast & Furious & Explosions with the sound of a chicken clucking. Because we care so much for you, our listening audience, we reconvened a week after the rest of the show was recorded, and recorded a WHOLE NEW REVIEW. Brace yourselves, because we didn’t remember AT ALL what we had already discussed, so that makes for some fun pre-Alzheimer’s-ish discussions of what the rest of the show does/does not contain.

So sit back, relax, and let the pain wash away the artifice of humanity and reveal you for the monster you truly are. Episode 52 is live



Charlie Picket appears courtesy bloodshotrecords.com
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