Episode 38: The Full Fassbender

We’re back like black power, baby! Except without any of the rhythm.

This week we’re all over the Avengers, rubbing our well-oiled intellects against it’s supple plot undulations. We review it, and then we flip it over and review it again. And after that we shoot a bunch of trivia all over its face. We leave that movie limp and spent.

Speaking of!

People that survive a great calamity often have what’s known as “survivor’s guilt.” They wonder why they’re the ones that made it. “What did I do?” they ask. “Why me?” We’re in that boat, as we review Michael Fassbender’s shame. AND the movie Shame. It’s kind of a two-fer.

It’s a grade-school double-entendre-fest this week folks. Brace yourselves against something firm.



As Long As I Have You courtesy The Detroit Cobras

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