Episode 37: The Wagers of Summer

Happy New Year! That’s right folks, it’s been over a year since we’ve started out on this little experiment that we’re slowly failing on a weekly basis. And what better way to celebrate than with our second annual Summer Movie Wager?

That’s the big draw this week, folks, as we meld the best parts of a summer movie preview with the worst parts of human nature brought about by competition and mutual animosity. Much like kids picking teams for a sandlot baseball game, Nate and I take turns picking which movies we think will make the most money in their opening weekend, and along the way we discuss in some depth movies like Batman Tres: The Batmanening and Men In Black 3: Suede. One thing to keep in mind! We recorded this on Thursday, 5/4, so as of this recording we don’t know how much money The Avengers made. This is Past Me, speaking to you from the past, and I’m telling you that I am predicting it will make roughly “A Buttload.”

After the draft, we spend a little bit of time talking about the new Batman trailer, which movies we’re most looking forward to this summer, and what Nate will do when he finds out that they replaced his movie popcorn with Folger’s Crystals. Let’s all listen and find out!

So slap your gramma and tell her the Russians are coming, because Episode 37 is live to air



Two-Way Action courtesy Bloodshot Records

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  1. Scott Says:

    How about posting the picks for reference?