Episode 24: Give Thanks

 We’re back in the saddle, talking movies on the day before Thanksgiving. Yeah, this is posting like 5 days after, but we’re both still crawling out of a tryptophan coma, so cut me some slack.

We both saw a buttload of movies: some old, some new, some good, some Alice In Wonderland. We discuss a half dozen or so of them, starting with our favorites and shimmying all the way down the stripper pole to Alice In Wonderland. Yeah, yeah, spoiler alert, whatever. It’s a shitshow.

It’s also rapidly becoming my new unit of measure for how much I enjoy something. When someone asks me how my dinner was, I’ll be all: “Well, it started out kind of Limitless, got a bit The Next Three Days around the soup course, but I think the the clams were a little off because I had to pull over to Alice In Wonderland on the way home.”

This is the paragraph I use to give you some advice before starting the podcast, so might as well get on with it because it’s time to bake the pies and choke the turkey, folks, and give thanks we only do this once every couple weeks…



It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing courtesy archive.org

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