Episode 23: Nut Butter

It’s a Swiss-cheese show today, folks, as Nate and I battle network issues, unexpected phone calls from the spousal unit, and two really, really bad movies to bring you this week’s (fortnight’s?) touch of genius.

First off, we delve into the dreck with my reviews of Gamer and Season of The Witch. Pretty much all you need to know about either of those movies is “Nicolas Cage’s Blonde Extensions.” True, Nic Cage is nowhere to be seen in Gamer, but his presence colors the entire scope of the art itself.

After we chew on that like week-old cud, Nate goes back three months in time and gives us a half-hearted review of Captain America, in which he finally admits his deep, abiding love for winged helmets.

We finish up with a bit of a discussion on the news of the day, that being that Brett Rattner is a moron. We recorded before we knew that Jowls McFootmouth backed his ample ass out of producing the Oscars, so stand back and get ready for the prescience!



The De Kalb Blues courtesy Archive.org

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