Episode 10: How To Read A Movie, Part 1

This week on the podcast Nate and I discuss Harry Potter 7 8:  Buttloads of Cash. Specifically, we discuss just how thoroughly it solidified Nate’s lead in our little wager. Smurfs 3D, here I come. While neither of us ran out to shove our fistfuls of hard-earned cash in the general direction of the theater box office, crudely-drawn lightning bolts on our foreheads, we didn’t let that stop us from spending an inordinate amount of time breaking down the hows, wheres, and whys of Hogwartidian necromancy.

No, not really. What we did do, however, was try to come up with a list of our favorite movie-to-book adaptations, made more difficult by the fact that Fun With Dick and Jane did not hew closely to the source material. We set the list at  5 each, which of course meant that we droned on far too long about whether or not The Ten Commandments counts as an adaptation. As as result, expect part two of our thrilling discussion in a couple days.

Until then, keep riding that broom kids, and remember: a wand is just as cool as a lightsaber.

Christ, I weep for the current generation.



The Ride of The Valkyries courtesy musopen.org

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