Episode 6: Spielbergian

Actual photo from a doughnuts and martinis party we threw. It was not a success.

Nate and I triumphantly return for our first live recording in almost a month, and despite all the rust wind up with a show that’s just as structured and concise as you’ve come to expect. That is, it’s a goddamn mess that we wound up splitting in two because of time overruns.

On this, the first segment, we discuss movies we’ve recently seen, including True Grit on Red Box, Nighthawks on Netflix Streaming, and Super 8 in the theater.

We are veritable Multimedia All-Stars.

After that, we inadvertently foreshadow the next segment by discussing the works of Steven Spielberg, and what makes him one of the most famous directors of our time.

So dive right in, and get ready for incoherent ramblings, half-sober musings, and the occasional badly-spliced audio edit. Just like old times.



The Wiilliam Tell Overture courtesy musopen.org


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