Episode 3: The Women

Actual photo from a doughnuts and martinis party we threw. It was not a success.The Holy Trinity of podcasting is now complete. Get ready for the rapture, kiddies, because Show Three now walks the Earth.

Initially, we were going to follow up our Leading Men diatribe conversation with a discussion of the ladies of film we would pay to see. Once we realized that both of us were going to add Patsy Kensit for her brilliant turn in Lethal Weapon II, we decided there was probably a better method to take.

As such, we decided to do a reverse, and pick the ladies from the last four decades that neither of us could stand, women who could ruin a movie we liked just by showing up on screen.

We tried to keep the disparaging remarks to a minimum, save for calling Julia Roberts “Seabiscuit” and possibly referring to Joan Cusack as a shrieking harpie. We’re classy like that. It’s negative, and probably not a little sexist, but we were drinking and it kind of shows.



John Philip Sousa’s Semper Fidelis courtesy musopen.org

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