Episode 2: Leading Men

Actual photo from a doughnuts and martinis party we threw. It was not a success.Today on the podcast we look deeply into our souls and come up with an answer to the question “Who would you pay to watch?”

Okay, that came out wrong. 

The idea of the “Leading Man” and the “Leading Lady” have been around for as long as there has been entertainment. I’m guessing if you look closely at the stick figures on that cave in France that there’s one that gets top billing. “Oh man!” the paleolithic Frenchmen probably said. “I can’t wait to see what Le Stick is up to next!” And while the leads may not make a bad movie great, often enough the leads will make you pay to watch a bad movie in the theater rather than waiting for DVD.

So with that in mind, Nate and I discuss the last 4 decades in film, and who did (and didn’t) make the list of leads that would cajole movie money out of our pockets.

Show Notes:

War2d2’s List:

ChicoNate’s List:



Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony courtesy Musopen.org

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