Episode 1: Guilty Pleasures

Actual photo from a doughnuts and martinis party we threw. It was not a success.ChicoNate and I hash out what it means to love a movie against all reason, or possibly sense, in the inaugural episode of what is sure to be one of the most talked-about podcasts that I take part in. Easily in the top two.

So what is the definition of a guilty pleasure? Okay, this being the Internet, let me clarify: What is the definition of a guilty pleasure, and get your minds out of the gutter, you sick, sick bastards. I think a good rule of thumb, at least as regards film, is to stop the movie you’re watching, assess 1) whether you’re enjoying it, and 2) whether you’d ever admit to anyone that you’re enjoying it. If you answer “yes” to 1) and “no” to 2), chances are you’ve found that sweet spot.

With that in mind, on today’s show Nate and I take a look at the last 30 years and nominate one movie from each decade to carry the title of “Worst Movie We Love.”

Show Notes:

War2d2’s List:

ChicoNate’s List:


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